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Or Yes to dishing about all that (and even sex), No to lending money.

Or Yes to lending money but No to telling the truth.

I stood to my feet and walked across the room, still amazed at how nervous I was as I stepped into the lobby to meet Kevin—the only person in the building more anxious and ill at ease than I.Boundaries allow for intimate connection without dissolving or losing one's sense of self.There are the professional boundaries (that'd be why you have to take your hand off my leg, Mr. The same arm around a shoulder can be a violation of personal space or a much-appreciated gesture of affection, depending on where your boundaries are.() You know you’re in an unhealthy boundary when you meet someone new, and you begin to tell all, immediately revealing every little intimate detail about yourself. What is a healthy boundary when meeting new people, is step-by-step, getting to know the person, checking whether there’s compatibility and a sense of safety, beginning to build trust, then you continue to reveal a little more of yourself. That displays a tremendous amount of deep inner insecurity. Be sexual only for yourself; take responsibility for your sexual pleasure, and check whether you want to say yes or no. Say yes when you authentically mean yes; say no when you authentically mean no. () Maintaining personal values despite what other people want; that is a healthy boundary.The message you’re sending out is, “I don’t have any boundaries, so I’m giving everything.” () When you are in a relationship, and you find out that you like this person, but you begin to fall in love with this person, just because they reach out towards you. Noticing when someone has invaded your personal space, and letting them know—healthy boundary.

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