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I recently bought this product and it is the second product from Voky.

By migrating to XHTML today, content developers can enter the XML world with all of its attendant benefits, while still remaining confident in their content's backward and future compatibility." However, in 2005, the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) formed, independently of the W3C, to work on advancing ordinary HTML not based on XHTML.

It is merely a convenience feature for users on the client side of the application.

The PHP settings (on the server side) for maximum-size, however, cannot be fooled.

Hi everyone, I want to say a BIG thanks to Voky, who provided top level support with my purchase. I’m compelled to write up some feedback about Sky Forms Pro which will hopefully serve to inform anyone finding themselves in the situation I was in: formless and filled with trepidation about how to go about getting form-savvy in my projects. Last night I bought the product and this morning I now have a growing library of the most beautiful, completely functional, validating and impressive forms that I can now drop into my Rapid Weaver projects, at will.

I wanted to add a few fields to my form and ensure that it will be emailed to my email box correctly. Looking forward to using more of the forms as and when I need too for my website development & website design clients. Buy this, take a wee bit time to learn how to use it and if you are a Rapidweaver, like me, you simply won’t believe the world of forms that opens up in front of you – totally customisable using a creation syntax that could hardly be any simpler!!

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Yes indeed people, it’s your favourite HTML5 Doctor with Java Script knowledge who lives in Brighton near a golf course!